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In the highly competitive molding industry, manufactures around the world swarmed the market with dazzling claims and guarantees. As the vanguard in the field of plastic molds & rubber molds, Intertech stands out from the rest through solid team work and leading production technology, providing 100% Taiwan-made molds with premium quality. Intertech focuses on team work and partnership, in order to create the maximum benefits for both clients and consumers. Cooperating with team vendors in Taiwan and global agency, molds from Intertechhave rooted in international markets along with highly integrated service.

Intertech Pioneering Mold Making Techniques: Plastic Injection Mold, LSR Mold, Interchangeable Core Mold, Collapsible Core Mold & 2K Mold

Cutting edge mold making technique is the defining factor in choosing Intertech as the ideal mold supplier for many clients.Intertech's comprehensive mold making line ranges from plastic injection molds, die casting molds, silicone rubber molds, LSR molds, rubber molds, to press molds. Among the variety, plastic injection mold and LSR mold are the prominent technical features of Intertech. Plastic injection mold can be divided into thermoforming and thermosetting, according to its processing methods. In current market, the majority suppliers are incapable to support thermosetting molds due to incomplete manufacturing equipments or immature technique. Being sensitive to market demands, Intertech seeks for qualified team vendors from Taiwan to make up for the vacancy. Both urea molds and bakelite molds can be custom ordered from Intertech.

On the other hand, liquid silicone rubber mold (LSR) is also an unique molding skill of Intertech Machinery Incorporation. Main applications of LSR molds are diving equipments, baby nipples, medical items, sporting goods, and products that will directly contact human body. Due to its applications, the standard for LSR mold is higher than ordinary silicone rubber molds, requiring finer FDA qualified material and better manufacturing conditions. Intertech has been supplying diving equipment and medical products to various clients in the past decades; with abundant experiences in the field, LSR moldsserves as the niche market that helps Intertech to embrace a wider market

Solid Team Work Contributes to Cutting Edge Molds

With various mold making partners in Taiwan, Intertech serves as an one-stop purchase spot for mold making solution. Very often, mold manufacturers may be able to offer prototyping and accept custom orders in order to survive in the industry. However, there is very few like Intertech that can satisfy such comprehensive mold making range, and at the same time provide pioneering mold making techniques and in-time assistance both in after-sale service and technical support. Utilizing current mold making level in Taiwan,Intertech is able to offer service from mold design, prototyping, mold making, manufacturing process control, reverse engineering, custom molding & assembly, to virtually any request from clients. As the result, Intertech can supply their upper-end products to end-users and global molding companies in diverse fields. In automotive, tele-communication, hardware, medical, and engineering industry, Intertech has served various brands including Ford, Toyota, Nokia, Sony, Verhoeven, Easterway, MCM ... etc. in the past five years. "We want to built up an ideal business structure in order to bring the best molds to clients. By working with local agency and local mold maker (backing up for quick service), we are very positive in potential market development in the next few years." commented CEO Debby Hisen. From June 22~26, Intertech will be exhibiting at NPE 2009, welcoming all business partnership. For local mold maker and agencies looking for global-cooperating mold supplier in Taiwan with upper-end skills and service, grasp the chance to meet Intertech Machinery Incorporation via the annual event in Chicago, USA.

  • Taiwan-based mold designer and manufacturer, Intertech Machinery Incorporation positions itself as the one-stop purchase window for global clients. Intertech now opens to local agency worldwide to embrace a wider market

    Trade Show Event: The International Plastics Showcase, NPE 2009
  • Date: June 22~26, 2009
  • Place: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinos, USA
  • Contact Person: Deb Hsien
  • E-Mail:

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